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Nylon FDY Spinning Machine

Nylon FDY Spinning Machine

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Main Features :

  • The imported extruder or domestic XD-dual metal screw and barrels help stabilize melting and extend life span.
  • New type of energy conserving spin beams,bottom-mounted spin packs and specially designed spin beam,easy for dismantling and cleaning.
  • Spinneret has a vapor protective system to slow down cooling and crystallization of filament.
  • The monomer suction device and saturated steam jet are specially suitable for producing nylon 6,66 micro-denier filament.
  • New quenching has a honey-comb rectifier which features stable wind speed and better yarn evenness.
  • GR3 is more helpful in improving package formation and dyablity.
  • Precisely-controlled automatic winder enjoys extremely low ADF and excellent unwinding properties.

Technical Specifications

Item Data
Final denier/filament 20-333/12-144F
Dpf 1.0 - 3.0
Widning speed 4200-5000 m/min
Spinning type Melt spinning
End per position 10x12
Spinneret Ø75- Ø105 mm
Spin pack Bottom-mounted cylinder
GR Ø220 mm
Quenching cross blowing
Winder Automatic winder